Shopping Trips: Shoppers Drug Mart Super Spend Your Points Redeem Sept 7

Sunday, September 07, 2014
Shoppers Drug Mart Super Spend Your Points September 7
This past weekend was a Shoppers Drug Mart Super Spend Your Points Event! I redeemed 95,000 Optimum Points for $220 worth of free stuff!

I LOVE shopping at Shoppers, and can't get enough of their Optimum Points program, it's so good. In August, I redeemed twice like this - one for $175 off (this was an event where you also got 30,000 points back), and $200 off (during another bonus redemption).

I got my subtotal to $220.95 (which was pretty perfect), with 59 items (it's hard to capture in a photo, but there is a lot there, it's just piled on top), and even got 14,200 Optimum Points for my purchase using personalized coupons sent to me including 8000 Optimum Points when you spend $30 on food/snacks, 3000 when you buy any Maybelline mascara, 2000 when you purchase any coffee, 1200 when you purchase any Lindt chocolate.

Tip - To redeem so much and so often like I do, be sure to shop during their Bonus Optimum Points events, ie the 18,500 bonus points when you spend $75 coming up on Tuesday, any 20x when you spend $50, and take advantage of those personalized coupons that Shoppers sends out every week, they can be really great!

How often to you redeem for free stuff at Shoppers?

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