Shoppers Drug Mart Spend Your Points Shopping Trip Aug 24

Monday, August 25, 2014
This past weekend was a Shoppers Drug Mart Spend Your Points Event! AKA great time to cash in your Optimum points for free stuff!

I redeemed 95,000 points for $200 of free stuff. I tend to buy the same stuff at Shoppers Drug Mart all the time, a mix of essentials (ie paper towel, cat litter, Dove soap, bread, eggs, milk etc) and some food that we like (Starbucks frappuccino, vitamin water, Ben & Jerry's, Tassimo discs).

In total I grabbed 46 items and ended pay paying $22.15 out of pocket (most of this was tax).

How do I redeem points so often? Aside from grocery shopping, I shop the most frequently at Shoppers Drug Mart, I find it both convenient (they have 24 hour stores near us) and the prices are pretty good (when you shop the sales ad having coupons is a bonus too). To get the most points possible on my purchases I shop during their bonus events, ie 20x and bonus 18,500 when you spend $75, and the weekly coupons that they email are great too. I only ever do small shops when I urgently need something.

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  1. Would you know if I can use coupons during the spend your points event?

    1. Totally can, just like any other time. Just make sure your total is up to the max redemption amount after coupons are added on.


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