Swagbucks Guide: Canadians Guide to Earning Swagbucks Quickly

Tuesday, July 28, 2015
I've been a member of Swagbucks since May 2009, or so that was when I redeemed for my first prize, which was a $10 Starbucks gift card. Since then I have redeemed for countless Amazon.ca/Amazon.com gift cards, It's difficult to add up how much I've earned because the list is so long, but there is definitely over thousands of $$ worth of free stuff. That's pretty impressive I think and am in awe of what using a simple search and win site can produce. I bet you are wondering how I received all of that, this is my short guide to Swagbucks, please read on.

1) Search and Win - This is simple, use the Swagbucks search engine to search naturally as you would in google or any other search website. I win 3-4x a day doing just that, wins range from 7-11sb normally. You have be careful not to over-search or you will get a warning message, just search periodically. I frequent many forums too where people list when they win, I try and search at the same time for better odds of winning too. On Friday, aka "Mega Swagbucks Day" you might be awarded big bucks like 20sb. 

2) Enter Swagcodes - Throughout the day Swagbucks releases special codes that can get you lots of Swagbucks. Typically there is one code a day. These are of course are only accessible if you happen to be online at the time since they are time sensitive. Posting the actual code is not allowed and may get your account banned.

3) Dailies - Everyday I complete these four simple tasks to get me Swagbucks, this is guaranteed everyday starting at 3am ET, which is when the new Swagbucks day begins. All of these can be found under the "Earn" tab on the Swagbucks website.
- Open a new browser window and search (win varies)
- Go through the NOSO and skip each offer to get 1sb at the end.
- Trusted Surveys, just checking everyday if there are any surveys available to you gets you 1sb.
- Daily Polls, voting everyday gets you 1sb.
- Toolbar, load a new window in your browser (with toolbar installed) and get 1sb.

4) Trusted Surveys - Swagbucks offers you surveys periodically, the award for completing those varies depending on the sponsor of the surveys itself. You must qualify for the survey to be awarded at the end, meaning you meet the criteria requirements of what the sponsor is looking for in a survey applicant, most surveys, at the end a message will report whether or not you qualified. I don't especially like the surveys because they don't usually pan out, I complete them and often do not get credited, which is a shame. But occasionally there are ones that do and pay up for 100s of Swagbucks. I do check to see if I qualify for surveys everyday just in case.

5) Special Offers - Swagbucks rewards you for completing special offers, some require you to join a mailing list, add a Facebook application, install a program, use their links to make a purchase, complete a free trial etc. Please be careful to not download anything that may harm your computer or install spyware, I generally do not download anything and once I am credited for the tasks, I delete whatever it is. 

6) Watch SBTV - This is currently the best way for me to get Swagbucks and is the key to winning a lot, by simply watching videos. The Swagbucks Meter moves from 0-100% as you watch videos and at the end awards you 3sb. You can win up to 25x a day for a total of 75sb! Please note, those with slow internet connections that is not unlimited may have trouble with this, since if you go over bandwidth your internet provider will charge you extra. This is a huge reason why I switched to unlimited internet recently. Edit: Until the end of February 2012, they are offering 50 SBTV wins a day, that means 150sb can be earned per day! (they have extended the deadline for this, it's still available).

7) Games - Along with SBTV, Swagbucks has recently added games, this is an easy and fun way to learn Swagbucks. I usually play "Crusher" really simple and quick game. Every 2-3 games that you play all the way through (once you lose the game) you are awards 2sb up to 5x a day = 10sb.

8) Referrals - I definitely wouldn't have been so successful at Swagbucks if it wasn't for my awesome referrals. In the past few years of being a member, I have accumulated over 500 referrals! Swagbucks will match the Swagbucks that your referrals win up to 1000sb, so when your friends win, you do too. It is important to post your Swagbucks referral link whenever you can, I post mine on popular forums to ensure that I get as many referrals as possible. Most of my referrals sign up and never search, but it's the ones that do use the site regularly that matter.

9) Daily Goals - For the past few months, Swagbucks has been setting a daily bonus goal for their members. If you reach that goal you will earn a bonus each day, if you reach it over a week, you will earn an additional bonus, for the entire month straight an even bigger bonus! This is a great way to rack up even more Swagbucks.

10) Bonus Registration Codes - When first joining Swagbucks, check to see if there is a current bonus registration code so that you can join with added Swagbucks already! There is usually one available.
We have a bonus registration code worth 70sb here, combined with the new member bonus, you will earn 100sb right away! 

NEW - 11) Download the Swagbutton. This is an add-on to your browser, and it alerts you whenever there is a Swag code available, and has quick links to sections of the site. Plus you get 50sb after you install it!

Other tips and tricks:
Swagbucks has implemented a limit of 5 gift cards of the same type per user per month. That means I can only redeem 5 Amazon.ca or 5 Amazon.com every month. They used to allow both but recently changed this. So now I redeem for 5x $5 Amazon.com and then save up the remainder for a $25 or $50 gift card, depending on how well I do that month. There is no limit currently to how many of each card you redeem for  per month, which is great. They have also lowered the prices around Christmas and have decided to keep it this way, all gift cards are 500sb for $5 (and multiples of that ie $25 paypal is 2500sb), except for Amazon gift card which are at a low rate of 450sb on-going.

• Subscribe to Swagbucks' social media site such as Facebook, Twitter so that you don't miss any announcements regarding codes.

• Install a Swagbucks Widget and place it on your personal website, it can help in checking if there is a current Swagcode out and where to find it. (My widget is listed below)

• Enter your birthday in your Swagbucks account details and they will award you 50sb on your birthday.

Swagbucks periodically changes the ways that you can earn Swagbucks, I will try and keep this page updated with the most current information. I hope this was helpful. With a bit of effort the payoff is great with Swagbucks, take it from me! 

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