ELF Cosmetics: 25c Shipping To Celebrate 25 Million Sales

Tuesday, November 09, 2010
ELF Cosmetics has reached their 25 millionth order and is celebrating by offering 25 cent shipping for a limited time. This offer is available for 25 hours until 1am EST tomorrow (November 10, 2010). Enter the code "25FOR25" on orders over $10 to get the discount. I've ordered from ELF about 15 times or so, they have some awesome products and have recently added lots of new items to their line such as their first liquid flawless foundation, tinted moisturizer and even a 100 piece eyeshadow palette.

Remember if you are ordering from Canada, pay with paypal and you will only be charged the US shipping fee, and in this case, it will only be 25 cents! Please see more information in the comments below, I have gone over the order that I just placed and how I did it!

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  1. @tamara.dufour - log out of your elf account and proceed to checkout, there will be a paypal option. There is a button, click on it and it will take you to paypal.

  2. The only option I could see was for cc....I will try again.

  3. - fill up your shopping cart
    - make sure you are logged out (log out if you need to)
    - "proceed to checkout"
    - it will ask you to login, and on the bottom it will have a paypal button and google checkout buy now option
    - select the paypal option
    - log into your paypal account
    - go through the steps of making sure your mailing/billing address is correct
    - it will go back to the ELF site and it will say $8.00 shipping to Canada, but upon getting your order confirmation it will not tack that on.
    - I just placed an order and will show you below

    Items Ordered:
    83311 - Light Qty: 1 $3.00
    83221 - Porcelain Qty: 1 $3.00
    83111 - Porcelain Qty: 1 $6.00

    Sub Total: $12.00
    Shipping: $6.95
    Tax: $0.00

    Discounts:25for25 25c Shipping! ($6.70)
    Total: $12.25

  4. There's 2 options, Google Checkout, and another one, but all I see is a blank box that says "image". When I click it, it brings me to - https://www.eyeslipsface.com/shop/process_cardinal_lookup.asp but it doesn't load.

  5. @catherinee - the other one is paypal, try a different browser? maybe it's just not loading correctly.

  6. Thank you! I tried a different browser and it worked. Do you know what the free gift is?

  7. @catherinee - Awesome! glad it worked out for you. There was mention of a free gift?? I didn't see anything. What did yours say?

  8. I think the free gift is the one where you have to enter three of your friends' emails, and ELF sends you one of their free lip gloss tins.
    I ordered last night as soon as I got the email. One of the blushes that I ordered is a rec of yours from Productrater. The other Studio blush was already in my cart from when ELF had a sale, so it was only $1.20, and for some reason, it went through as $1.20 on this order. SCORE!

  9. @Junerose - ahh right makes sense. I've referred tons of people to ELF I am sure, never cared for the free gift. It used to be a lip tin (but they stopped selling those).


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