P&G Free Sampler Pack Beauty Bundle

Sunday, September 13, 2015
Freebie Alert! There is a new P&G Sampler Pack available!

Beauty Bundle samples include:
• Secret Clear Gel Deodorant (14 g)
• Pantene Expert Dry Defy Shampoo (10 ml)
• Pantene Expert Dry Defy Conditioner (10 ml)
• Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Facial Moisturizer (0.5 ml)
• Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash (89 ml)

Quantities are limited. Please allow 6- 8 weeks for delivery to the mailing address you confirmed. Limit 1 sampler pack per household.

How come I don't qualify? - P&G is looking for specific people to test out these products ie those that don't use them currently. So answering that you use the products will in turn not let you get them. Makes sense right? Readers are reporting getting through by putting 35-44 as the age range, and "other" to all the product options However, we recommend being honest of course.

My account isn't activated? - Once you are logged in, click on your account near the top and change something in your profile.

It's asking me for a zip code? Why I am in Canada! - Put your postal code in the zip code field, it is the same thing. As you can see the form is asking for provinces so it is for Canadians, we wouldn't be sharing it if it wasn't. Use the format, all capital letters and a space in-between for example M5V 4A8.

If you are already a P&G member, click here to request your Free sample pack.

If you are not a P&G member, sign up here, then go to the link above.

Please note, Free Samples are available on and off on their website, if there isn't a current one available you will be notified when there is if you're signed up as a member. We also notify everyone on our Facebook page when there are new samplers available.


  1. Got it! I put 35-44 and Other as the answers and it worked.

  2. I logged in, but it didn't say if I get one or not??

  3. Thank you for the heads up, got one!

  4. every time i try it says my account is not activated yet??

  5. Thanks so much, just got it today

  6. attempted to enter but keeps noting I'm not eligible , cant figure out why though as have NOT received any samples from PG in eons

  7. Got It Used Your Tips Thanks!!!!!!

  8. Every time I go to login it tells me that my account is not activated yet very frustrating

  9. I;m having trouble again getting my samples & I did change my password n it worked twice n now back in the same boat saying I'm sorry :( ??

  10. never works for me

  11. this never works for all the time i try

  12. thanks, signed up and look forward to your post and when theyre live


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