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Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Welcome to Canadian Daily Deals! I am happy that you are here!

The face behind Canadian Daily Deals is Justine (that's NOT me in the picture above). I am a twenty-something Torontonian who loves getting a great deal just like the next person. I am always looking for where to get the latest deals, but not compromising style and quality for price. I have loads of student loan debt and am not the best at saving money, I love shopping and having pretty things. But I do try to be practical, trying to understand a "want" over a "need". Finding great deals, coupons and freebies excites me and I hope I can bring you the latest here on my site. I am selective in what I post here, some things do not apply to everyone and I do not have much interest in hoarding air fresheners or diaper sales, but to each their own. I try to feature stores that I enjoy shopping at and products that I like myself.

I started this website in the summer of 2010. I frequented and contributed to many message boards for deals and promotions, and found myself wondering..why not do it myself? So I did! This site is still small, but it makes me super happy to see all the people coming on it everyday and appreciate all the support that I've had from the deal-seeking community.

My goal with this blog is to be a reliable source for shopping deals, I subscribe to every mailing list there is, so when a deal pops up, and I know about it, so will you!

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