Samplesource Fall 2016 Free Sampler Packs Sneak Peek Sunday #1

Sunday, August 28, 2016
Samplesource Fall 2016 Free Sampler Packs Sneak Peek Sunday
Samplesource Sneak Peeks have started! These are sneak peek previews of what you can expect in the upcoming Fall 2016 Samplesource Free Sampler Pack! We will be posting these sneak peeks every Sunday as Samplesource makes them available! Exciting right? It's like a new surprise that you can expect each weekend! 

When do Samplesource Fall Sampler Packs go live? We do not know, Samplesource keeps that private to keep it fair for everyone! You can expect them in a month's time or so is my guess. In 2015, the Fall Sampler packs went live on Tuesday, September 29. 

Are Samplesource Sampler packs free? Yes they are absolutely free, you do not need to pay shipping or anything.

How do I get a Samplesource Sampler Pack? They are first come, first serve when they go live. On the day they are available we will inform everyone on our social media so that you can go go go and request one. Also, Samplesource sends out an email letting everyone know, so be sure you look for that too.

How many samples do you get normally? What samples you get depends totally on your demographics and how you answer the survey questions. Also, when you order the samples plays a role too, at the start there are much more samples available, they dwindle as the days go as people order their samples.

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below, I will try my best to answer it! Onto the sneak peeks!..
Sneak Peek #1 - #SneakPeekSunday for our Canadian members! We have tens of thousands of samples of one of the newest laundry detergents on the block! This product is loaded with stain fighters to penetrate deep in to stains! #TryBeforeYouBuy #SampleSource

Sneak Peek #2 - Another #SneakPeekSunday for our Canadian members! Coming this Fall, this great tasting snack bar has no artificial colours or flavours, and has real ingredients like nuts and fruits along with crispy puffed rice. AND gluten-free oats! #Delicious #TryBeforeYouBuy #SampleSource

Sneak Peek #3 - #SneakPeekSunday #3 for our Canadian members! We wouldn't forget about our furry friends - we think they will love this sample that contains slow cooked meaty chunks and flavourful vegetables! Coming this Fall! #SampleSource #TryBeforeYouBuy

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Look out for more Samplesource Sneak Peeks coming soon, if you aren't a Samplesource member yet, sign up here.

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  1. I would love samples. How but??

    1. When they go live, you have to request them. Please follow us on facebook and read our blog for updates on anything samplesource related.

  2. I loved the last Sample Source box I got. There were so many great things inside. So much fun to get one!

  3. I loved the samples I have received in the past,but how do I go about getting more samples? Do I have to re sign up?

    1. Re sign up? No, if you're a member then you're a member already. When sampler packs go live, you need to go on their site and request them.

  4. Thanks for letting us know about these and answering questions over and over again on your Facebook Page. I hope Samplesource knows the effort that you put into this for them.

  5. 'If you like PiƱa Coladas, getting caught in the rain
    If you're not into yoga, if you have half a brain

  6. love the samples have bought items from them

  7. love getting them and thanks for all your hard work that is put into these ...can't wait for my next one

  8. Love these packs! Hope I get one this year. They were gone so fast last year!

  9. I would love a sample


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