Samplesource Spring 2016 Free Sample Packs Coming Soon + FAQ

Tuesday, February 09, 2016
Samplesource Spring 2016 Free Sample Packs Coming Soon
Update March 6 - Check out the Samplesource Sneak Peeks Here!

Spring is a long way away still, but before you know it'll be here and it sure feels like spring in Canada right now! Samplesource sent out emails earlier today that the reviews are in for their last sampler packs, members have voted on how they liked their last sampler packs online. That means that the next sampler is on the way!

Samplesource has samplers twice a year, once in the fall and once in the springtime! The spring sampler usually goes live in March-April! As always we post on this blog and on our social media when we have any updates for you and immediately when we see samplers go live.

Samplers are while quantities last only and are only available on the day that they go live. Being a member does not automatically get you a sampler box, you have to request one every time.

Here are links to when the past two years Spring Samplesource boxes went live, just as a reference point (and what was included in them):
Spring 2015 -
Spring 2014 -

An FAQ on Samplesource:
• You must be a Samplesource member to receive samplers.
• Being a Samplesource member does not mean you will automatically get samplers, you need to request the samplers every time they go live.
• Samplesource Sample Packs go live twice a year (once in the spring and once in the fall) and are available for a limited time (in the past they go live on a Tuesday and are live in the morning and sold out by the evening).
• When do they go live? We know as much as you do!
• While Sampler Packs are live you need to log in and complete a short survey about what products you use to see which sample products you qualify for.
• What samples you are offered depends on a lot of factors including demographics, location, family size and how you answer the questions. Also as samples get depleted (you can choose from a list of samples that match your profile) there will be less questions asked as there are less samples available.
• After you receive your samplers you will be asked to complete a review survey about how you liked the samples.

Here is what was included in the Samplesource Spring 2015 sampler pack. 

Click here if you aren't a Samplesource member yet.


  1. Lots of great stuff to check out!

  2. It seems like I keep registering, but the samples never come my way.

    1. As stated above " Being a member does not automatically get you a sampler box, you have to request one every time."

    2. When it comes on live by email or on Facebook you need to get in as fast as you can they run out quickly.

  3. Love these boxes hope i can get one!!!

  4. So we're thinking they will go live in April right? At least judging from past years.

  5. They are live NOW! Go Go GO!! :)


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