Swagbucks 2015 Rewarding Resolution Team Challenge

Tuesday, January 06, 2015
Swagbucks has a new team challenge! This one is called 2015 Rewarding Resolution! 

To join a team, you have to sign up at the top left corner of your Swagbucks homepage, it will randomly assign you into a team! I got Travel Bugs! Who are winning right now,  so I am happy about that! My team won the last Team Challenge as well.

You earn points towards your team in a variety of ways:
• SwagButton: Contribute 20 pts to your team everyday that you’re logged into the Swagbucks Extension (SwagButton).
• Surveys: Get rewarded for giving your opinions on surveys and you’ll also contribute 15 pts to your team!
• Search: Search the web and every time you earn SB you’ll contribute 10 pts to your team! Make Swagbucks Search your preferred search engine and you’ll never miss out on a search win.
• Special Offers: When you earn SB for participating in Special Offers, you’ll contribute 10 pts to your team!
• Games: Play Swagbucks games and every time you earn SB, you’ll contribute 5 pts to your team!
• Swag Codes redeemed via SwagButton: Every time you redeem a Swag Code through the SwagButton, you’ll contribute 5 pts to your team!
• Swag Codes redeemed via Desktop: Redeem Swag Codes on your desktop and you’ll contribute 1 pt to your team!

At the end of the challenge (it is valid January 6-9 at 2:59pm ET) if you submit at least 100 points to the team's total you will get a bonus! 1st place: 80 SB, 2nd place: 50 SB, 3rd place: 30 SB, 4th place: 20 SB. And finally, the Top 5 Point Contributors from each team will win bonus Swag Bucks as well: 500, 400, 300, 200 and 100 respectively.

If you aren't a Swagbucks member I definitely recommend joining, it's a free rewards program and it's totally fun! 

Click here to join Swagbucks.

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