Earhoox Free Headphones (Update Please Read)

Sunday, October 19, 2014
Freebie Alert! Earhoox has recently launched with a new product called Earhoox earbuds that keep your headphones in your ears and not falling out!

To celebrate they are offering a special promotion for FREE Earbuds if you refer your friends! This offer ends October 20, 2014 or hurry and get yours soon! All you need to do is sign up at the link below, and refer your friends. You will receive an email after the date to claim your rewards!

Refer 1 friend - 20% off coupon
Refer 5 friends - Free pair of Earhoox
Refer 10 friends - 2 Free pairs of Earhoox
Refer 25 friends - custom colour Earhoox
Refer 50 friends - Free Earhoox, every month for life! (works out to 1 free pack a month for as long as they go)

Update October 19: Many of you were asking if shipping would be free to Canada, so we contacted Earhoox personally to find out, we heard back recently. It turns out there will be a $3.99 shipping fee to ship the items to Canada (this applies to all the freebies, including the Free Earhoox for life too), just a heads up, I don't want anyone to be disappointed. 

Click here to request your freebie.

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