Paypal Save $20 Off $60

Tuesday, August 05, 2014
This hot promotion from and Paypal is back! Save $20 off when you spend $60 or more. Please note, this offer was sent to eligible Paypal members recently, so if you didn't get an email, you most likely do not qualify.

You can of course place a test order, go as far as payment and then exit out if you don't see the $20 off promotion attached. I recommend doing this if you aren't sure. If you do qualify you will see under "payment options" a special offer listed (as shown in the image below).

"Select eligible PayPal customers have received a deposit of $20 in their PayPal Account to spend on an order of $60 or more at SHOP.CA between August 5, 2014 and October 13, 2014

The $60 total must be achieved after any SHOP.CA Credits and/or discounts are applied to your order.

The $20 Offer was placed directly into select eligible users' PayPal accounts.  This means that there is no promo code for an offer recipient to enter, or anything to 'apply' at checkout.  The offer is automatically applied when you pay with PayPal at checkout."

Please note this offer is available for a limited time. As always ships all orders for free. And you can get 20x Aeroplan Miles on your first purchase.

Click here to sign up with


  1. I tried to sign up at SHOP.CA but it wouldn't work.

    1. What part didn't work? Be sure you are a new user, or else you can't get the $25 sign-up bonus. There is a link on near the top right that goes more into it.


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