Why I Watermark My Images

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
You may have noticed that many of the images (ie coupons) that I post here have been watermarked with the image "candailydeals" or some variation of it. This is for me to track when I see my images used on other deals websites without my permission. I have nothing wrong with sharing deals with others, they are not my own invention, it's the store's and I am merely helping these retailers by spreading the word about them. However, I take lots of time out of my day locating these deals, I don't have a team helping me find them, it's usually myself. And when I see other sites blatantly taking my images and using them, by removing the watermark off them, especially in such a way that it's obvious to anyone, it is really kind of funny and pathetic.

I like to make friends with other deals sites and not enemies, I am not about stealing your traffic or removing your watermarks. I am proud of the little site that I have, and the work that I have put into it and will continue to. People will not bring me down, but I would like to share with you what I am talking about here, as I witnessed what I am describing above happen tonight. Don't you find it sad when a giant deals site has to pull deals from little me? I mean, what does it take to just mention the other site, credit them for finding a great deal? Or I don't know, finding the deal yourself in google?

Image from site which will not be mentioned here, but many of you probably know what I am talking about. See how my image was faded out? 

And the original image off Canadian Daily Deals above, with the watermark in centre of the image.

I know most sites are not so shameful and will at least say, "I found this on x site", but we can't expect that from everyone. There are trolls among us.


  1. Wow sorry to hear this happened to you, it's too bad people have to stoop so low. Great site though!

  2. You should be proud of your site, I find it very helpful and I'm sure many people appreciate the effort that you put into finding these deals/coupons for people.

  3. I'm so sorry Justine, you're such a sweet girl and I know you work hard for both of your blogs!


  4. Wow, that is extremely obvious! I'm sorry this happened to you and know this site must take a lot of time to maintain and taking all your hard work is just wrong! :(

  5. Thanks everyone for the support, some sites will stoop this low, but I will not. I am about blogging with integrity and have morals.

  6. Oh boy, that's terrible!!!! How shameful!
    Your site is the only deal site I follow so I have no idea what shady site would steal like that! How ridiculous!!! Keep up the good work fellow Canadian!!

  7. Hey, Justine
    There have been other instances where this "SCite" has stolen other bloggers' watermarked images and posted them without giving credit where credit is due.
    Don't let it bother you. It just shows how tacky and lazy their contributors are.
    You keep doing the good job that you are doing, and every time you catch their lazy a$$ poaching, just post on here like you have done so that everybody is aware.

  8. I have no involvement in this matter, but you are using TM'ed images, and you have no clear ownership rights to the graphics unless you create them or outsource the creation of them yourself. The internet is all about cut and paste, and competition is fierce. Sad but true

  9. @A - Actually ALEX/Boo Radley from Smartcanucks you have a lot of involvement in this since this is YOUR site which is in question here! Yes I do not have trademark of this images, but there is also what we all common courtesy and common sense to not treat people like this and credit where credit is due and not take it upon yourself to alter someone's image that they spent time and effort locating and posting. And yes your site is what you call "fierce" copy and pasting from every deals site possible, I know cause you asked me to do it once upon a time too.

    Here is what my statscounter pulled up, I know this is Smartcanucks Boo Radley (admin). Funny how they would come on my site right guys? cause they know I am talking about them.

    Also, you'd be surprised how many former Smartcanucks members, and people he has worked with on Smartcanucks have come forward agreeing with me on this issue and claiming they had something similar happen to them!

  10. And here is a neat little comparison about SC and RFD that you may find interesting. Definitely read it, especially you Boo aka A.

  11. Oh WOW.

    I must admit - of course I find the heads up on deals from many sources, but I agree - just Google the stuff and GET.IT.YOURSELF. Or, credit the site you saw it on. How freakin' difficult is that?

    Many thanks for all the hard work you put into your site, Justine. I can honestly say I find most deals here first - you totally rock.

  12. I feel bad for Justine, she is just one girl trying hard, where as SC, RFD, etc. are LARGE sites that don't have to try as hard because they have tons and tons of "employees." I have a couple blogs and I ALWAYS CREDIT where credit is due. If you take a photo of someone's site, you have to credit them- it's just the rules of the Internet, lol. I don't care if that same image is on 20 different sites, if you take if from someone- CREDIT THEM- it's worse that you try to remove their watermark and it's super obvious!

    But, people will be douchey. People will lie, cheat, backstab and so on. That's life. As long as you know that you had it first Justine you should be PROUD!

    Let's hope that the owners of these large chains are reading this, I think they owe candailydeals a public apology- and all of the other sites that they are taking from without acknowledgement.

    I think almost everyone that is involved in a place like SC or RFD and who starts a blog, almost always gives a shout-out back to them (a trackback, whatever its called!) Out of respect. Not that they need anymore advertising though.

    If companies like this are going to play dirty, they are going to get caught. It's called karma guys. If you don't want negative back on you don't project negative out on others.

    People ultimately get what they deserve.

    Just remember that your awesome Justine, and you would never stoop to something this low. It's almost like stealing from a baby!!!

    We love you!!! xoxo


    *Just a note, I haven't blogged in forever, but if you go to my site and read some of my posts you will see that on EVERY photo, I credit where I got it. And I am just the little guy.*

  13. I do agree that isn't very right of them but I have to say that you don't technically own the image yourself. You didn't photograph the bag.

    BUT that's not saying what they did was right! They could most definitely have found a different image (or the original) to use instead of just taking yours and Photoshopping it. Shame on them.

    But again, not your picture in the first place. :)


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