Mcdonalds May Digital Mailer Coupons

Monday, May 14, 2018
Mcdonalds May Digital Mailer Coupons
Mcdonalds has new coupons available in May!

Two can dine for $11.48
One can dine for $6.19
Two can dine Angus or Seriously Chicken meals for $14.98
Angus or Seriously Chicken meal deal for $7.49
Buy one, get one free Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, McChicken, Filet-O-Fish or 6-piece Chicken McNuggets
Two can dine breakfast meal for $7.98
Any two regular-size McFlurry for $5.50
Breakfast deal for $4.29
Any McMuffin or bagel sandwich for $2.79
Any bagel with cream cheese for $1.29

Coupons can vary by location, and are valid May 7/8-June 10/11, 2018.

Click here to get the coupons.

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