Alesse Birth Control Pills Health Advisory

Monday, December 04, 2017
Health Canada is advising consumers and health care professionals that complaints have been received for packages of Alesse 21 (21 active pills) and Alesse 28 (21 active pills, 7 that contain no hormones).

The blister packages for both contained an active (pink) pill that was roughly half the proper size.

Packages with such pills may reduce effectiveness in preventing pregnancy.

Product affected include:
Alesse 21 and Alesse 28. The complaints involved packages from the following lots, but it is not known at this time whether the issue is isolated to these lots:
Alesse 21 (DIN 02236974) Lot A2532, expires August 2018
Alesse 28 (DIN 02236975) Lot A3183, expires April 2019

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