Walmart Hidden Coupons

Sunday, March 26, 2017
Walmart Hidden Coupons
We've spotted a new hidden coupon portal on the Walmart website!

New coupons are updated all the time, so we will be bumping this post regularly.

Coupons include:
$5 off Cesar Dog Food
$1.50 off Stayfree and Carefree
$1 off Pringles Ketchup Flavour
$1 off Natrel Milk
$3 off L’Oreal Excellence Creme
$3 off L’Oreal Feria
$3 L’Oreal Superior Preference Hair Colour
$1 off Black Diamond Cheese Slices or Sticks
Free Whiskas Perfect Portions

Please note you need to register for this separate coupon portal, it's separate from the regular site.

These coupons can be used anywhere, not just at Walmart (unless the coupon states that its a Walmart exclusive).

Click here to browse the coupons.

1 comment :

  1. I always have trouble with this portal. I clip the coupons but when I go to check out it says I already have them. :(
    Does anyone else have this problem?


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