PC Optimum Points Coming February 1, 2018

Tuesday, November 07, 2017
PC Optimum Points Coming February 1, 2018
Some big news coming out from Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws today. I saw this image floating around the internet today, please note the official date of this release is November 8 so tomorrow.  Below I am quoting exactly what was on the pre-released brochure for the upcoming changes.

"PC Plus and Shoppers Optimum will become the PC Optimum program. One card, one app. All your points in one place.

On February 1, your points will be converted to PC Optimum points at their FULL VALUE.

In the meantime, keep on using the PC Plus and Shoppers Optimum programs to earn and spend points as you love to do.

To learn more and view the PC Optimum points Terms and Conditions visit here or call 1-844-720-4672."

I think if you're at all worried about what's to come make sure you redeem your Optimum points before the conversion starts.

Edit - Take a read of our updated post about the changes coming to the Optimum program here!

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