MPP's road safety bill would ban texting while crossing roads

Monday, October 30, 2017
Just in time for Halloween, the city is taking a look at the proposed ‘zombie law.’ An Ontario provincial legislator says he will introduce a so-called "zombie bill" that would target distracted walking.

Liberal Yvan Baker (Etobicoke MPP) says the bill "the Phones Down, Heads Up Act" would impose fines for anyone caught using their cellphone or any electronic device while crossing the street.

It would increase road safety by encouraging pedestrians to put down their electronic devices or risk fines ranging from $50 for a first offence to $125 for a third offence.

The only exceptions would be when pedestrians are calling emergency services or when they're continuing a phone call which started before crossing the roadway.

Baker says municipalities across Ontario would have the ability to opt-out of the law.

Earlier this month, Honolulu, Hawaii, became the first US city to ban people from texting or using other digital devices while crossing roads.

What do you think of this bill Let us know here! I am more concerned about the drivers that are driving with phones in their hands.

Click here for the CTV News article.

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