Samplesource FAQ Free Fall Sampler Packs Coming Soon

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Samplesource Free Fall Sampler Packs Coming Soon
Did you hear the news that Samplesource sampler packs are coming soon? If you are a regular on our blog you know that we have consistently updated you on when Samplesource goes live, as well as upcoming sneak peeks, basically anything about Samplesource to ensure that you get them when they go live.

Samplesource is a "try before you buy" program. They send their members free sampler packs of makeup, beauty care, household cleaning, even food and snacks throughout the year and in exchange ask for reviews on the products. Sample packs are released once in the spring and once in the fall. The upcoming one is in the fall which should be soon.

You must be a Samplesource member to qualify for sampler packs. I recommend signing up before they go live so that you're ready to go when sample packs are live. 

You need to request sampler packs every time they go live, they do not automatically appear in your mailbox. They do not tell us or anyone the actual date and time that sampler packs go live. We are not Samplesource we do not know, we just share about this offer with you as we do other freebies and samples. As an example, here is what last year's Fall 2016 Samplesource Sampler pack included, when it went live etc.

When they go live you will be asked to do a short survey that will show you what samples you are offered. The number of samples that you get offered depend on those answers, demographics and how many are left at the time. Answering store brand/other seems to give you the most samples, but of course answer honestly.

Sampler packs go fast, they always go live and sell out on the same day, so you need to be around and ready to order them while they are live. That's why we post reminders to interact on our posts so that you see how limited-time offers on your Facebook timeline from us and don't miss out.

There is a limit of one sampler pack per household. If you request more they will be cancelled.

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