Canadian rapper Belly fires back after city apologizes for ‘inappropriate content’ at Canada Day performance

Tuesday, July 04, 2017
Toronto City Hall, as well as lots of other places around the city had lots of events for Canada Day this past long weekend. One event was Belly on Monday night.

Belly is a Canadian rapper that performed as part of the Canada Day 150th celebrations and people had a lot to say about it. People were shocked at the repeated use of profanities during the performance, so much so that the city has issued an apology.

One spectator emailed CP24 expressing that ”every other word” in the performance involved profanity and some lyrics made reference to “drug culture.”

I think the city did the right thing apologizing to appease the people complaining, but they did know who Belly was and should of been familiar with his music before they booked him to play this event right?

If you are familiar with Belly's music at all you know it's all about sex, drugs and swearing. What do you expect at a rap concert? Maybe stay home next time, leave it to those that enjoy it and quit complaining. Belly fired back on Twitter saying the city was aware he would be swearing on stage.

Click here for tweets and reactions here as well as part of Belly's performance.

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Click here to read the CTV News article.

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