Swagbucks Swag Garden Swag Code Extravaganza

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Swagbucks Swag Garden Swag Code Extravaganza
Spring has sprung, and Swagbucks is having a Swag Code Extravaganza to mark the occasion, which is one of the easiest ways to earn SB!

What are SB you ask? SB are points you earn on Swagbucks, a website where you can get gift cards for the things you do online. I get $100 in Paypal money every month with Swagbucks! These are the best days to start!

It takes place Wednesday, March 22 at 7am PDT and goes until 5pm PDT! All you have to do is look out for the Swag Code notifications, enter the code, and you earn SB (which can be redeemed for gift cards)!

There will be 6 Swag Codes throughout the day worth a total of 40 SB!  Look out for the Swag Codes all over Swagbucks! I will be posting Swagbucks code alerts on social media and the codes here below!

Swagcode #1 - SpringTime
Worth 8sb
Expires 11am ET/ 8am PT

Swagcode #2 - CherryBlossom
Worth 6sb
Expires 1pm ET/ 10am PT

Swagcode #3 - Freesia
Worth 5sb
Expires 3pm ET/ 12pm PT

Swagcode #4 - SweetPea
Worth 7sb
Expires 5pm ET/ 3pm PT

Swagcode #5 - Pansies
Worth 6sb
Expires 7pm ET/ 4pm PT

Swagcode #6 - 
Worth 8sb
Expires 9pm ET/6pm PT

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