Van Houtte Free Coffee Mugs *Update*

Wednesday, November 23, 2016
Van Houtte Free Coffee Mugs
September 6 - Van Houtte is giving away Free Coffee Mugs! Get yours while quantities last, when you enter 2 UPC codes from Van Houtte products (codes provided below).

To get your Free Mug, enter the following codes: 062151097179 and 062151507173

Offer available while quantities last. Limit 2 per household

Allow 6- 8 weeks for delivery.

Update November 23 - I got an email from Van Houtte today with an apology, they expressed that the free mugs were in limited stock and I had ordered mine after they were already out. There is also a $2 off promo code to use on any Van Houtte product on the Keurig Canada website.

Click here to get your Free Mug.


  1. for some reason, when I hit submit...nothing happens...I have tried a couple of different times

  2. I got the mug but the handle on the cup broke off alreADY


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