Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim To Win + Roll Up Replay

Wednesday, February 03, 2016
Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim To Win
Yay! Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim is back! There are millions of ways to roll and win this year!

Grab a Tim Hortons RRRoll up cup in-restaurant and RRRoll for your chance to win! There are millions of prizes to be won like the all new Honda 2016 Civic!

Game ends April 17, 2016 or while contest cup supplies last whichever occurs first. All prizes must be redeemed by May 8, 2016.

For no purchase entry, send a postage paid, self-addressed stamped envelope to Tim Hortons Contest Cup & Rules, PO Box 13293, Saint John, NB E2L 5E7, which must be postmarked by 4/17/16 and received by 4/27/16.

Open only to residents of Canada and US/DC, except residents of RI, AZ, HI, FL, AK, PR. Void where prohibited.

Prizes are regionally distributed across Canada and USA:
• 40x 2016 Honda Civic EXT Sedan vehicles (38 in Canada, approx. odds at outset 1 in 6,901,060) approximate retail value (“ARV”) $24, 990 CDN each;
• 120x LG 4K OLED TVs (113 in Canada, approx. odds at outset 1 in 2,320,710), ARV $5,000 CDN each;
• 25,000 x $100 Tim Cards (23,578 in Canada, approx. odds at outset 1 in 11,122);
• 100 x $5,000 Prepaid cards (94 CIBC Prepaid cards in Canada, approx. odds at outset 1 in 2,789,790) ;
• millions of Coffee and Food Prizes (approx. odds at outset 1 in 6), ARV $0.70-$4.24 CDN each.
Total ARV of all prizes is $63,341,199 CDN.

There is also an online game (no purchase needed) called Roll Up Replay, click here to play that.

Also check out the Tim Hortons Roll Up At Home Contest for even more ways to win!

To clarify there are 3 ways to play Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim this year:
1) In-store - Purchase Tim Hortons coffee/tea and get a Roll Up cup that you peel to see if you are an instant winner
2) Online - Roll Up Replay - Play online to collect badges and win prizes instantly, no purchase needed
3) At-Home Game - Need a receipt from Tim Hortons products purchased to play

Click here for more details.


  1. I have won two free coffees for myself and a friend.

  2. I won 3x free coffees on the cups so far

  3. we have boughtcoffee at many of your stores,even250 miles apart and neverwon anything............I think that ,roll up the rim to win....IS A FARCE!1. so from now on , make GOOD coffee at home at take for travel.............coffee is very often burnt also...........just a tip, not good, hit or miss....

    1. I think you think that you're talking to Tim Hortons here, but you aren't, this is a blog where I share offers. If you have a gripe with the contest, you need to contact Tim Hortons directly, I have nothing to do with it.

  4. why should my comment have to be approved? it is my honest opinion......

  5. i've won a lot of "please play again" and nothing else...maybe tomorrow

  6. Winning more than "please play again" on line or with an actual cup would be nice!

  7. I won a $25 gift card on the online game. Yay!

  8. I won a free coffee on a roll up last night, I was thrilled to finally win something.


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