Walmart No More Free Plastic Bags, Starting To Charge $0.05 Per Bag February 9

Monday, January 25, 2016
Walmart No More Free Plastic Bags, Starting To Charge $0.05 Per Bag February 9
In the news today, Walmart announced that they will start charging for plastic grocery bags. I guess I was out of the loop I thought they already charged, like most other retailers have for a while now. Granted I don't shop at Walmart very often so I didn't notice.

Starting February 9 2016 a plastic bag at Walmart Canada will cost you $0.05 and there will also be reusable bags available for a discounted rate of $0.25 (I believe that's just an introductory rate to get people onto the changes). Some of the proceeds will go towards supporting recycling initiatives.

I don't mind either way, $0.05 isn't going to break the bank for me and if I forget to bring my own bags or don't feel like it that day I don't mind paying it.

The plastic bags at Walmart are some of the thinnest and cheapest around though so I hope they work on the quality if they are going to start charging a fee. I think charging for plastic bags is a good idea, it encourages people to bring their own and reduces waste.

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  1. I use re-usable bags but I keep good plastic bags from stores as well. Sometimes I only need a couple of things and don't want to carry big bags around the stores, so I put a few of these plastic bags in my purse.

    Yes, I agree that their bags (and some other stores) are flimsy. If there's any weight in the bag at all, the bag has holes in it by the time I reach home. If they want us to pay for them, they should be made very sturdy so they can be re-used as well. That would also decrease the am't. of recycling too.

  2. This is crazy, a company that makes billions is penny pinching the customer, I will not buy there bags and will not shop there very often, Giant Tiger here comes Walmart customers


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