Subway SubDays Subs Days Deals

Monday, December 28, 2015
Subway Sub Days Subs Days Deals
Edit September 18 2016 - We've posted an update for the current Subway Sub of the Day promotion here.

Subway SubDays are back! Every day of the week there will be a new sub for $3.99 a 6-inch or $7 for a footlong!

Monday - Oven Roasted Chicken
Tuesday- Turkey Breast
Wednesday - Subway Club
Thursday - Italian BMT
Friday - Tuna
Saturday - Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
Sunday - Steak and Cheese

Prices and offers may vary by location. Offer available for a limited time at participating locations

Click here to find a Subway near you.


  1. What kind of company posts a website that tells you sub of the day and you go to store and no sub of the day offered? Mr sub just got a new customer.

    1. This post is from 2015, this offer has a been over for some time now. My local Subway has a 2 for $14 deal right now, but it's only at select locations. Please note, this blog is a personal site where I post deals that I find myself, nothing to do with Subway and we are not affiliated with Subway, you need to check their website for their current promotions.

    2. I literally JUST went to Subway and got this deal. I live in Thunder Bay.

  2. Replies
    1. If mr sub didn't suck in sure more people would


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