Shoppers Drug Mart Spend Your Points Event Haul #2 Xbox One

Saturday, November 28, 2015
Shoppers Drug Mart Spend Your Points Event Haul #2 Xbox One
This is the second part of my Epic Shoppers Drug Mart Holiday Spend Your Points haul! We redeemed $200 worth of Optimum Points on an Xbox One!

I called around a couple days before worried that they would sell out and we wouldn't be able to get one. Unfortunately none of the stores would hold it and the 24 hour ones that we called were all sold out of it. I am mentioning this so that others know, electronics aren't normally put on hold, which I can understand their stock is so few.

I ended up finding out 24 hour store in Toronto that had a few in-stock, we went right before midnight to get it and turned out you had to purchase it in the Photolab and that closed early (even though it was 24 hour store) so we had to come back in the morning. In the morning I called again, this time to a closer store (I don't do mornings haha) and they had it in-stock. We went over and happily saw it on a shelf in the store.

Plus the best part it was on sale for $50 off the regular price (I wasn't expecting that), usually it's $399.99 and we got it for $349.99. We redeemed $200 off and got it for $149.99 plus tax. My boyfriend was very happy and has been playing it all day. Shoppers' Optimum Program is really great, see the first part of our redemption here.

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