Bzzagent Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda Toy Campaign

Friday, October 16, 2015
Bzzagent Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda Toy Campaign
Star Wars fans check your emails! Bzzagent sent out an awesome campaign today! Get to try and review a Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda Toy!

There’s only one way to become a true Jedi Master. You’ve got to train with the legendary Yoda, of course. Luckily for your kids, he’s currently accepting students. Standing at an impressive 16” tall, he guides young Jedis through their training with dynamic, 360-degree body movement and full voice recognition. He offers 115 phrases and uses 800 years of experience to guide your kids through three modes: Force, Wisdom and Warrior. Just don’t be surprised when the most realistic Star Wars toy ever demonstrates some never-before-seen Lightsaber action!

I would love to get chosen for this one! Let us know on our Facebook Page if you were picked!

Click here to log into/join Bzzagent.

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