Nutella Add A Little Joy Contest

Friday, February 13, 2015
Nutella has a new contest!, actually two contests, see below! Enter to win a Nutella Spife (half spoon, half knife). There are 20,000 of these up for grabs and you can't buy them in-stores, so this would be so cool to win!

The second contest is "Spoon it or Spread It Instant Win Game" which is an instant win game to win prizes including Nutella t-shirts,  Nutella sticky notepads, waffle makers, panini press or stand mixers! Contest closes June 30, 2015. You DO NOT need a pin for this one.

Update Feb 21 - I won a t-shirt after playing for about a week on and off. One of our readers won the KitchenAid blender too, don't give up!

Click here to enter the contest.

Click here to play the Spoon It or Spread it Game (no pin needed).


  1. how long do we have to keep clicking on the two choices until it gets to the end of the contest? It is going on forever.

  2. It doesn't end, it keeps going forever. I probably clicked 200 times maybe more before I won.


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