Canadian DRAM Class Action Lawsuit

Thursday, February 26, 2015
Canadian DRAM Class Action Lawsuit
If you purchased an electronic device between April 1999-June 2001 you most likely overpaid for it, this is where a new Class Action Lawsuit comes into play! The lawsuit alleges that some DRAM (computer memory that is found in computers and most all electronic devices) manufacturers were fixing the prices and selling their products at an inflated rate.

The lawsuit was settled out of court for nearly $80 million in settlement funds, which will be given to Canadians who file a claim and bought electronics at this time.

If you purchased a computer, printer, memory module, graphics card, video game console, DVD player, personal digital assistant, MP3 player, personal video recorder, server, computer based point of sale machine or other DRAM device you can qualify for $20.

No proof of purchase is required. However if you have receipts, you may qualify for more. Family members living in the same household must pool their purchases together on a single claim. You can file the claim online at the link below.

You have until June 23, 2015 to file. You will receive a confirmation email and  a Claim ID number. The company in charge of this settlement is hoping to have cheques in the mail by Fall 2015.

Click here for more details.

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