Mail Lately Clinique Sonic System & Bzzagent Sawmill Creek Wine Campaign Arrives

Saturday, October 11, 2014
Earlier this week I got my Clinique Sonic System from Chickadvisor in the mail and I am so excited to start using this! I "won" this from a Product Review Offer that they had earlier last month, 20 Canadian members were chosen, more info on that here.

Also, I got my Bzzagent Sawmill Creek campaign package! This includes a $25 Gift Card to redeem at Wine Rack for a 1.5L bottle of wine. This came perfectly in time for the long weekend! See our original post about this offer here.

What did you get in the mail recently?


  1. In the Bzz area for the wine, in mine at least it says to buy TWO 1.5 L bottles, are you sure yours was only for one?

    1. Well it's a $25 gift card, you can use it on anything at the Wine Rack technically, and the prices will differ province to province, you're in BC I am in Toronto, so you might get more or less than me. The booklet said to choose a 1.5L bottle. I could get two bottles for that price.


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