Samplesource Sneak Peek Fall 2014 Free Sample Pack

Sunday, September 28, 2014
Samplesource Free Sample Pack Sneak Peek
August 8 - This morning we got word that Samplesource has confirmed that a Free Sample Pack for Fall 2014 Is coming! This is great news as this Canadian Freebie is super popular and we wanted to share this awesome news with you all!

If you aren't a member yet, I recommend joining today so that you are ready to go when it goes live, the sample packs do not last long.

When we get more information regarding exact times and possible samples included, we will let you know asap here, we are dying to know too!

August 15 - Like they did last year, Samplesource will be posting sneak peek of products that will be included in their sampler on Instagram! Be sure to follow them there and us too on our Instagram account for the latest info, we will keep you posted!

1. August 17: Here are the first Sneak Peek Sunday alerts from Samplesource!
"Sneak Peek Sunday! If you have dry skin, we think you'll love trying a sample of this product! It helps replenish moisture and give a healthy look! It will be available in our fall 2014 Canadian sample pack! #ComingSoon #SampleSource #Freebies #TryBeforeYouBuy"

2. "Any chocolate lovers in the house?! This delicious treat has our team members hooked! It will be available in our Fall 2014 sample pack in Canada! #Chocolate #SampleSource #TryBeforeYouBuy"

3. August 24 - Here's anther Sneak Peel Sunday!
"Sneak Peek Sunday! Minty AND fruity, this sample works double time! Coming this Fall 2014 for many Canadian members to try! #SampleSource #TryBeforeYouBuy #Freebies"

4. "Sneak Peek Sunday! Underarms AND clothes rejoice! This anti-perspirant/deodorant leaves skin soft, and stays off your clothes! Coming this fall to many of our awesome Canadian Members! #SampleSource #Feebies #TryBeforeYouBuy"

5. August 31 Sneak Peek Sunday
"Sneak Peek for our Canadian fans! A radiant smile is about strong, clean, white teeth. We think this new sample may do the trick! @SampleSource #Freebies #TryBeforeYouBuy"

6. September 7 Sneak Peek Sunday
Sneak Peek Canada! Looking for some "oomph" for your 'do? This hair care set will take it from looking flat and thin to full and touchably soft! Coming this fall! #SampleSource #TryBeforeYouBuy
Samplesource Sneak Peek Free Sample Pack

7.  Sneak Peek! Sparkle and Shine for your dishes - and a formula that is less harsh? Many Canadian members will get to try it this Fall! #SampleSource #TryBeforeYouBuy #SmartShopping #Freebies #Samples

8. September 14 Sneak Peek! Enjoying a cup of tea - good tea - is a simple pleasure. We have a great selection to choose from this Fall in Canada! #SampleSource #TryBeforeYouBuy #Freebies
9.  Another Sneak Peek Sunday Canada! A brand new sample we think you'll love! At only 50 calories each, this is a tasty treat that can still help you stay on track! Many of our members will get to try it this fall! #TryBeforeYouBuy #Freebies #FreeSamples #Samples

10. September 21 Sneak Peek - Sneak Peek Sunday! Great looking hair is no easy task! With this product you can help reverse the look and feel of damaged hair - YES PLEASE! Coming this fall to to SampleSource Canada! #samples #freebies #SampleSource #TryBeforeYouBuy #couponing101

11. September 27 update: "Oh wow! In our fall Canada pack, 100,000 lucky members will get a bonus sample!"

12. September 28 : "Sneak Peek Sunday - for the men! If you need a close, smooth shave with less irritation, we may have the solution! Coming this Fall to our Canada program! #SampleSource #freebies #TryBeforeYouBuy"

13. Sneak Peek Sunday Canada! Chocolate. Almonds. Bliss! Mmmm... @samplesource #TryBeforeYouBuy

Click here to check out what came in the last Samplesource Sample Pack from the Spring.


  1. please let me have one this time last time they were gone before i got off work

  2. It is so wonderful that you offer these sample packs. As I am, anyone on a limited budget appreciates them very much. it is like opening a gift on Christmas morning. Thank You for offer these. :D

  3. Am I too late? I'm new to all this.

  4. I WANT THAT!!!!!!!! LOL I look forward to getting Sampl Source samples.THX

  5. can't wait for the new sample pack to come out :)

  6. cant wait till they go live

  7. I would love to get the sample pack

  8. good looking bunch of samples hope i get one this time

  9. Count me in! Help me out with the budget

  10. Would love to get 1 as im on a budget.=)

  11. Sob stories do not get you a sample pack any faster than a person without. P.S. we all have one .

  12. Sounds like all these would be wonderful samples to have. Good luck to everyone in the hopes of receiving one of these wonderful gifts!

  13. schick razor for men would love a sample pack or two


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