Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points Redemption May 4

Sunday, May 04, 2014
This weekend I had a great coupon from Shoppers Drug Mart to use! I could redeem 95,000 points and save $170 off my order, plus I would get 30,000 points back. So basically a bonus redemption PLUS a points kickback, I couldn't say no to that! For more info on personalized coupons, check out this post.

We picked up a lot of essentials, at least tried to anyway (Royale toilet paper, paper towel, Maxx Scoop cat litter, Tide detergent, downy fabric softener, Dove soap), some food (Ristorante pizza, Tassimo Nabob coffee, Diet coke/Coke Zero, Vitamin water, Life Brand vitamin water, Tropicana orange juice, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, bread, Lindt Chocolate easter bunnies and Cadbury creme eggs - super marked down still from their Easter stock, Starbucks frapps), as well some other things. I used a few coupons, not many though (Crush pack was free with coupon, Tide was $1 off, downy was $0.50 off, reese chocolates were $2 off, coke was $2 off). I paid out of pocket $14.88 for all this stuff (ie the tax). It's hard to tell in the picture, but there are 52 items in this order.

It's best to pick up items that are already marked down, I rarely pay full price on stuff at Shoppers Drug Mart, although sometimes you have to, ie I bought Benadryl because my allergies were acting up. I find Shoppers has decent prices for stuff, when they are on sale, otherwise their full prices on items are usually higher than those of comparable grocery stores, so you have to shop smart.

The Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points is at the moment my favourite loyalty program, I redeem for free stuff like this every couple of months. I do this by shopping any 20x Optimum/bonus points events and definitely make use of those personalized coupons that they send every week to your inbox too.

How often do you redeem for free stuff at Shoppers Drug Mart?


  1. very expansive grocery on shoppers drug mard, except some items which often on sale weekly.


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