Great Mail Day Samplesource Spring 2016 Sampler Pack

Tuesday, May 03, 2016
Great Mail Day Samplesource Spring 2016 Sampler Pack
Yay! I got my Samplesource Spring Sampler Pack in the mail a few days ago! It was packed full of great samples! I had stayed up all night the night before so that I'd be up and ready to go when these went live, I had a sneaking suspicion they would go live when they did (they always seem to go live on a Tuesday) and made sure that I notified all our readers on social media to go go go!

For the complete list of samples that were available this time around for the Samplesource Spring 2016 Free Sampler Pack, click here. It looks like I got the majority of the samples, minus the dog samples because I don't have a dog, I got the cat one instead.

I also noticed that the Brookside chocolate bars (the sample that I was most excited for) varied in size from box to box, mine was only 36g but readers said their bars were 90g.

Also, my box had two of the VH sauces and two of the McCain Red Skins potato coupons, and I think we were only supposed to get one of each, so maybe there were some inconsistencies this time around with packing. Of course I am grateful to get any samples at all, and will enjoy and use everything to test out and review.

Please note, the samples, how many and which ones you got depend on how you answered the survey questions as well as when you did the survey. If you did the survey near the start of when sampler packs went live at 9am, odds are that you were offered more and/or had more questions, near the end there were less samples available. I asked on our Facebook Page how many samples readers got while they were live, some got 20+, while others got 5-6 etc.

If you missed out on this sampler, there is another one coming in the fall. There are always two every year, one in the spring and one in the fall. Click here to sign up to be a Samplesource member if you aren't already.

Did you get yours? You can track your order here. Packages are still arriving so you should get yours soon if you haven't already.

Let us know on our Facebook Page if you got yours too! We would love to see pictures!

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