Check Your Emails Influenster Pre-Survey Skin Care

Thursday, January 21, 2016
Check Your Emails Influenster Pre-Survey Skin Care
Influenster sent out another survey yesterday! This one appears to be about skincare. The survey is in a personalized link just for you, that's why we cannot share it here, if you got one, you will see it in your email from Influenster.

his survey is just a Voxbox pre-survey. If you are chosen to continue on you will receive a followup email. The survey asks mostly about our skin concerns and what you.

I love that they've been sending out lots of surveys lately, you get more of a chance to be chosen for something.. Good luck everyone. The survey must be completed by the date specified in the email!

If you aren't an Influenster member yet, sign up at the link below.

Update January 21 - Readers are reporting being chosen for a Biore Voxbox following the survey that went out a few days ago!

Click here to join Influenster.


  1. spend over half an hour answering questions some multiple times to find your get nothing scam waste of time

    1. People sure love to throw that word around "Scam", I didn't get something so it's a scam, I don't understand something so it's a scam. I've been a member of Infuenster for easily a few years and have received numerous sampler boxes from them. If you have an issue with them, Influenster (not me) you can take it up with them. I am just the messenger, and have nothing to do with their program.


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