Samplesource Fall Sampler Pack Survey

Sunday, December 13, 2015
Samplesource Fall Sampler Pack Survey
Did you get a Samplesource Free Sampler Pack back a few months ago? Please make sure you complete the ratings survey that followed recently.

Check your emails for an important survey to complete. The survey is only open for a short time so please answer as soon as possible.

Your opinions are important and Samplesource wants to know what products you liked, dislike, purchased etc.

Please note, samples are not available right now, they're only available in the spring and fall. A month or so after sampler packs have been sent out, Samplesource sends out these surveys to ask for feedback on the items. You would of by now received your sampler pack, tried it and can now reasonably rate the items.

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  1. I did the survey last week through an email Thanks. Loved the products i received...more please! Merry Christmas!

  2. I already filled out mine on Monday. Thanks for the info!


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