Redbox Closing in Canada

Friday, February 06, 2015
Another company bites the dust in Canada! Redbox announced that they are closing their company in Canada. They were movie rental company that had self-serve booths across Canada, I know some of my grocery stores had these. They were sort of like Blockbuster but mobile.

If you have any outstanding rentals, you have 20 days from the rental date or March 5 to return them. Or if you have free movie offer promotions, use them right away.

I am actually surprised a service like this exists, most of this happens online now. Apparently the Canadian market just doesn't have the demand for this sort of service. Did you enter use this service?

Click here for more details.

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  1. ....used it nearly every week or more. Much better prices than Blockbuster. Sad to hear they're leaving Canada. No more free movies I guess.


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