Target Canada Liquidation Sales Start Today + FAQ

Saturday, February 07, 2015
Target Canada Liquidation Sales Start Today
Feb 5 - Target Canada Liquidation starts today! That means lots of sales are expected and definitely a lot of people flocking to their stores to see what is up! Discounts are expected to be up to 30% off the original price (with limited exclusions) and I have heard that the promotions will increase as the weeks go by.

I suggest if you have your heart set on specific items, go as soon as you can because I am sure stock will not last long (I know the stores around Toronto always had empty shelves so I am expecting that will not change now). Here's a good summary of a major reason why the store failed in Canada, empty shelves!

Also if you have Target gift cards, use those now! Canadians are holding a total of $7 million in unused Target Canada gift cards and these gift cards are not accepted in US stores (this policy will not change) so once the stores are closed your gift cards will no longer be accepted.

Just two years ago, Target opened stores in Canada and today are seeing the beginning of the sales to liquid their stores. It's sad to see them go but hopefully we can all snag some bargains before it's all over. Are you planning on heading out to shop? Let us know on our Facebook Page!

Update Feb 7 - FAQs:
Can I use coupons during the liquidation sale? No, no manufacturer/store coupons will be accepted.
Can I get price adjustments for previous purchases? Yes, if you bring in the item and your original receipt you can get price adjustments. All price adjustments stop on Thursday, February 5, 2015, meaning if you purchased before that date, you can get a price adjustment.
Can I price match other stores? No, during the liquidation sale this is not allowed.
Are purchases during the liquidation final? Yes all sales are final, no returns, no exchanges.
What are the sales? Personally from when I have gone Thursday and Friday this past week which were the first two days of the sale (Feb 5-6) most of the store was 10% off, that includes food, appliances, tvs, homewares, 20% off items such as toys, jewellery and accessories, kids clothes, the biggest discount was 30% off cosmetics.
Why are the liquidation deals so little? Target has appointed the liquidators (here is the complete creditor agreement for Target) as the decider of what the prices will be set at, they benefit the most from starting sales at 10-30% off, that way they can pay their creditors.
Can I use my RedCard to save more? The RedCard will be honoured during liquidation.
Are gift cards accepted?  Yes during liquidation they are, but once the stores close you are SOL since they are not accepted in US stores.
When will the stores officially close? Stores are expected to close entirely May/June, however that depends on how fast the liquidation goes.

Click here to find a Target store near you.

Click here for more details from CBC.


  1. If I made purchases before that date how far back in the date can I gather for the price adjustments?

  2. They are not doing anyone any favors, they are still asking too much for junk they don't want to move or warehouse


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