Superpoints is Back! Start Earning Now! + Tips to Being Successful

Saturday, September 20, 2014
Superpoints is Back! Start Earning Now! + Tips to Being Successful
Did you hear Superpoints is back (I joined back in August 2014)?! I am so excited, back years ago this was my favourite website (next to Swagbucks) to redeem for free gift cards and Paypal. Then it just disappeared one day with no warning (I still had points to redeem leftover and couldn't access them).

You can join now, but it's invite only, sign up here! Let me know how it goes. If you were a member before, you have to sign up again.

Tips for being successful on Superpoints:
1. Complete your profile entirely, seems simple enough, but people join and then never use the site, this will move you up from Basic to Bronze level.

2.  Log in and out of the Superpoints website everyday, you get 1 point everyday for that .

3. Super Lucky Button - Do your Super Lucky Button spins each day. You can win Superpoints easily. The amount that you get varies on the membership level that you are at, for example Platinum level members currently get 200 spins.

4. Refer friends so that you can move up membership levels, everyone starts at Basic, then moves up from Bronze to Gold, Platinum and Diamond, the higher you are, the more opportunity to win big (and you get 2500 points for every referral that makes it to Bronze level).

5. Daily Superpoints Emails - Look out for Daily Emails from Superpoints, these have helpful tips too and at the bottom of each one. Mind you, I find these are not "daily" so much as I go days and days without getting one. Click on the Superpoints logo at the top left of the email, it will take you back to the Superpoints site and you may win 25 or 50pt doing so as well (this is random and is not always a winner).

6. Complete offers and surveys, these are under "Get More Superpoints" and some are very easy, just stick to the "Free" ones.

7. Create a custom referral link with your name on the end, this is currently at a cost of $1.99, but it can help you to get more referrals and gets you 1000 Superpoints as well!

8. Stumble Rewards - flip through different websites and rate them positive or negative and Superpoints randomly awards you. All you need to do is hit the sad face or happy face to rate the site and hit "discover", if you win you will see it displayed on your screen (like image below). You can also earn 100pts if you add a site that gets a lot of positive reviews, just click on the "+" sign at the top right of the Stumble Rewards page. Your wins will show up as "Page Discovery" on your balance.

9. Sponsor a User - For Platinum members only, when you sponsor a member (those who don't go through referral links) you get 500 points instantly! These go fast though, I have a tab open (for "Sponsor a member" on the left of the home page) for this all day long and have only managed about 5 or so since I made Platinum in October. Update: Sponsoring users is now automatically done through Superpoints themselves, users are assigned sponsors at random, so the above no longer applies.

10. Daily Click Surprise - NEW for January 2015 - when you click on their sponsored link everyday you can earn 1 Superpoints. Very easy, look for this option in the "Get More Superpoints" tab.

- Got other tips? please leave them below!

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Click here to sign up with Superpoints.


  1. Is this available to Canadians? I looked earlier and I thought it was US only.

    1. Yes it's available to Canadians too, at least it was last time. I redeemed like $1000 using this site.

    2. I'd like an invite, please!


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