Canadian Tire: Scratch and Win 10-100% Total Purchase in Canadian Tire Money (Nov 18-20)

Friday, November 18, 2011
Canadian Tire has a Scratch and Win promotion on now from November 18-20,2011. You can scatch and win anywhere from 10-100% of your total purchase in Canadian Tire "Money" or Canadian Tire "Money" on the Card awards. Game cards are found in flyers (they usually hand them out in store too), see in-store for complete details.

Click here to view the Canadian Tire e-flyer.


  1. This is not true. I was there yesterday, scratched 10% (I had a $300 purchase) and got $18 in Canadian Tire money. The customer service clerk explained that it's not 10% of the total purchase - it's 10% more Canadian Tire money than you'd normally get for that purchase. I asked if I was the only one confused by this. She said everyone is confused about it. There was a huge lineup behind me but I did mention it was poorly worded in that case. She began to argue with me, saying it was worded exactly as it is (it's not!)and the guy behind me said "well $18 is pretty good" so I left it at that. So beware. It's not what you think.

  2. The service clerk was wrong! Anonymous should have gotten 10% of his total purchase in Canadian Tire Money. It is clearly stated on the scratch card. I purchased $500 in merchandise and received $50.00 in Canadian Tire money. I would go back with my bill and argue this point to the manager of the store.


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