New iOS update will make older iPhones, iPads obsolete

Tuesday, June 06, 2017
Got an old model iPhone? You might want to read this!

This fall’s release of iOS 11 will not support the iPhone 5 or 5C, any iPhone 4 models, nor the fourth-generation iPad. Without the new operating system, the devices will not be eligible for the latest software and security updates, leaving phones vulnerable to glitches and hacks.

Some apps and games may also stop working if a device’s iOS isn’t up to date.

But just in time, Apple will also be releasing its newest model, the iPhone 8, as the new operating system phases out the older models.

Will this affect you? Let us know what iPhone you have on our Facebook Page post here. I have the iPhone 5, but I am sure I will upgrade to a new one in time for this update.

Click here to read more about this on the Global News story.

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