SC Johnson Glade & Pledge Free Product Coupons *Update*

Saturday, March 14, 2015
Posted February 26 - Hurry! SC Johnson has three Free Product Coupons available!

These are available while quantities last. You will be redirected to Websaver where you can order the coupons! These are mail coupons!

Free Pledge Floor Cleaner
Free Pledge Furniture Spray
Free Glade Aerosol

Click here to get the coupons.

*Update March 11* - Some of you already probably got these coupons in the mail by now. We got several comments on our posts asking if the dates on them were incorrect.

I took a look at mine and there are two expiry dates! The first expiration date (found under the product image) is May 5, 2015, but in the paragraph to the right coupon states "expires December 31, 2013". Although I don't think cashiers will notice the mistake, it's worth noting before you use the coupons, in case you have a hard time.

We got word from Websaver that they will be re-issuing the coupons, new coupons will be sent with the correct expiration dates, so stay tuned! We will update you once we hear more. Let us know if your coupons came like this too.

*Update March 14* - "Hello, thank you for taking the time to contact us. Please send us a private message with the email address associated to your account and we'll make sure to send them back to you. Have a nice day!"

So there you have it, go on Websaver's Facebook Page and send them a private message with the information above and they will send you new coupons with the correct dates.

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